New site layout is done!

New site layout is finally done! Well, not completely as the banner is just temporary, but I still need to find more pictures that would look nice for the actual one I’m thinking of :X Also, just a note, you can actually hide the side navigation panels if you want. Just click at the double red arrowhead things to hide them.

Of course, hoping to be releasing more things soon, but I still have some other things to do, like sell things which is my priority right now (need money @_@) and whatnot so not sure when and the fact that we are running on such skeleton staff it’s not even funny so a lot of projects are actually on hold :S Ah well. I’m planning, just need to do things one at a time, though if you’d like to apply for cleaners/typesetters/translators or something, just head on over to the forums for information and the tests and follow the instructions there.

Also, it’s getting tedious to update the project status threads at the forums so I’m not going to update them anymore. Not only that, even I’m getting confused as to where everything is at now, what needs to be done and whatever so I need to sort all of them out bit by bit. I actually only know the status of more recent things X_x I’ll post random updates at the group’s Twitter though so you could always follow that, or you can just pop in at the home page to check, it’s at the right side of the page.

Anyway, if you have questions or something, you can always drop a comment or send an email. You can find the group’s email address at the “Contacts” page.

Site being converted

Site is currently being converted to run on WordPress. Please excuse the mess. The pages are still accessible as this is ongoing.

EDIT : I’ve added links to the old pages at the left side bar. The pages are still running on the old layout. This will also serve as a test post which will be deleted when the site is done.

EDIT: The top navigation bar has been updated with links to the sites main sections. The “Projects” link at the top directs to the old projects page as I’m still adding the pages for the projects. You can see the project pages that have been added at the left side navigation.